Advanced Health Care Directive

Contrary to popular belief, estate planning isn’t solely about allocating assets to their designated beneficiaries. Instead, estate planning should also address your personal needs during the final stages of life.

Advanced Health Care Directives ﴾AHCD﴿, or living wills, inform physicians and family members about your health care wishes when you cannot clearly communicate them yourself. Medical treatments for an illness and/or injury are often a cause of stress amongst family members, especially if relatives cannot agree on what treatment is most suitable for a loved one. Giving your family clear, written directions for your end‐of‐life wishes can spare them the trouble and guarantee that you receive the care you desire.

The most common use for an Advanced Healthcare Directive is to inform physicians on your preferences for life‐sustaining measures, such as life support machinery, respirators, and feeding tubes. If you wish to use medical interventions to save or prolong your life, it’s important to state the length of time you’d like to rely on these devices. These documents can clearly identify the kinds of treatment you’re interested in, which ones you’re not, and the person who is entrusted with honoring your wishes.

An Advance Health Care Directive provides the following options:

  • Power of Attorney: You can legally grant a trusted friend or family member the power of attorney, which allows them to make care and treatment decisions on your behalf.
  • Detailed Instructions: An AHCD allows you to provide your designated agent detailed instructions as to your wishes surrounding the use of life support during your incapacity.

The contents of Advance Health Care Directives and living wills can be legally complex for various parties, therefore its content should be clearly drafted. Contact Law Offices of Taline Panossian for more information on estate planning and healthcare directives. These topics may be uncomfortable to talk about, but Taline will gently walk you through the process to create an advance health care directive that caters to your personal requests.